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You can use mill grain tool with your lath or mill grain machine on wedding rings or bangles. Each mill grain come with different size and shape to make different texture on your jewelry.

wedding ring engraving

Mill Grain Wheel

Jewelry engraving tools

Use these millgrain on the lather or millgrain machine to create professional decorative borders on rings and bracelets. Each wheel is

hardened and tempered to provide clean, well-defined imprints to ensure long tool life.



Model No: 500739

Wheel material: Carbide

Shank material: Stainless Steel

Wheel diameter: 6mm

Shank size: on 1/8" square x 2-1/2"L steel

Operation Instruction:

Mount ring on lathe, and cut a flat shoulder (using a turning tool) into each edge of the ring. Bring the Millgrain Wheel onto the shoulder - only 8 revolutions are necessary to imprint the design.

Texture Samples

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