CNC Diamond Tools

CNC diamond tools are used to engrave and dot on wedding rings, bangles, sheets and other ornaments. Using premium quality diamond and latest technology and most advanced machine, the CNC tools are in high precision and durable. They are available in different functions with various shapes and sizes.


Name: CNC Diamond Tools


Diamond Material: Nature diamond, MCD ,CVD, PCD, etc.


Diamond Size: 0.25mm-8mm


Shank Material: Carbide or Stainless Steel


Application: CNC machine

CNC Diamond Tools :   

 Engraving Tool 

Model No: 400116

Circle Tool 

Model No: 400117

Inside Empty Tool 

Model No: 400118

 Ball Tool 

Model No: 400119

Point Tool 

Model No: 400126

Chamfering Tool 

Model No: 400112

Model No: 400113

Up&Down Chamfering Tool

 Side&End Milling Tool 

Model No: 400114

Model No: 400104

Side Convex Milling Tool 

Side&Flat Lining Tool

Model No: 400106

T-Shape Tool 

Model No: 400138

PCD Color Tool

Model No: 400347

Balancing Tool

Model No: 400102

Texture Samples:

Ball Tool

Inside Empty Tool

Circle Tool