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                                                      Diamond Material 

ND-Monocrystalline nature diamond

This is the diamond we find in nature, these diamonds weren't selected by the jewellery, watch or optic industries for the reason of purity or colour.

MCD- Monocrystalline synthetic diamond

This diamond is artificially recreated, Generally characterized by its yellow colour. Purer and more uniform than nature diamond.

PCD-Polycrystalline synthetic diamond

Diamond powder sintered under high pressure and high temperature on a tungsten carbide basis. Diamond grains

are linked together with a cobalt matrix. The percentage 

of diamond can vary between 85-95% in volume.

CVD-Polycrystalline synthetic diamond

Synthetic diamond prepared by CVD techniques







Diamond Materials

Yuhe uses high quality natural diamonds from South Africa and the high quality ultra hard materials from the  GE Company in USA and the DE BEERS in UK.

We offer  ND, MCD and CVD materials with different grades. Please contact us for details.

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