Posalux Diamond Tools

   Posalux diamond tool is widely used in jewellery industry. Posalux diamond tools in different shapes and diamonds materials can make a variety of complex texturing in gold, platinum and silver jewellery.


Optional Material:  Natural diamond, MCD, CVD, PCD, CBN, Carbide


Diamond Size: 0.25 mm to 8 mm


Shank Material: Stainless steel


Shank Diameter: 2.35mm / 3mm / 3.5mm / 4mm

Application: Faceting machine, CNC equipment.

* All tools can be customized according to customer's requirements

Posalux Tool Products:

Degree: 90°/100°/110°/120°/130°/140°/150°/160°/170°

V-shape 90-170

Texture Sample

V-Shape Tool

Model No:100101

            Right Angle

Texture Sample

Right Angle Tool

Model No:100103


Texture Sample

Convex Tool

Model No:100104

Convex Flat

Texture Sample

Convex Flat Tool

Model No:100109


Texture Sample

Flat Tool

Model No:100102


Texture Sample

V-Flat Tool

Model No:100111


Texture Sample

Concave Tool

Model No:100105

     Concave Flat

Texture Sample

Concave Flat Tool

Model No:100110

Convex Flat Tool

Mode No:100109

     Flat Lining

Texture Sample

Flat Lining Tool

Model No:100106

     Flat Lining

Texture Sample