Diamond Flywheel Tools

   Diamond Flywheel Tools are designed and manufactured for bright cut jewelry by micromotor or flex shaft rotary machine and CNC automatic faceting machine. Our company offers a wide range of Diamond Flywheel Tools

Jewelry making flywheel

Hammer Type

Button Type

Mini Type


Optional Material:  Natural diamond, MCD, CVD, PCD, CBN, Carbide


Diamond Size: 0.25 mm to 6 mm

Head Size: 2mm to 25mm (the size does not contain the diamond length size)


Shank Material: Stainless steel or Carbide


Shank Diameter: Can be customized


Application: flex shaft rotary machine, micro motor machine, CNC equipment.

Diamond Flywheel Tools:

Hammer and Button Type

140° Flywheel Diamond Tools

Model No: 200101

Model No: 100101

150° Flywheel V-shape tool
130° Flywheel V-shape tool

V-shape 90-170

120° Flywheel Diamond Tool

Texture Sample

Degree: 90°/100°/110°/120°/130°/140°/150°/160°/170°

V-Shape Tool

Flat Flywheel Cutter

Model No: 200102

Cutter Flat Flywheel
Flat Flywheel Cutter

           Flat 180°

Flat Flywheel Diamond Cutter

Texture Sample

Model No: 100102

Flat Tool

Right Angle Flywheel tools

Model No: 200103

75° Right Angle Flywheel

Model No: 100103

Right Angle Flywheel tools

Left Angle 75°

Left Angle Flywheel tools

Right Angle 75°

Left Angle Flywheel tools

Texture Sample

Right Angle Tool


Texture Sample

Convex Flywheel

Model No: 100104

Convex Flywheel Tool

Model No: 200104

Convex Tool


Texture Sample

 Concave Flywheel

Model No: 100105

Concave Flywheel Tool

Model No: 200105

Concave Tool

Model No: 200109

 Flat Lining DiamondTool

Flat Lining

Model No: 100109

Texture Sample

Flat Lining Tool

Flywheel Flat Lining Tool
V-Flat Machine Tool

Model No: 200111

V-Flat Flywheel

Model No: 100111


Texture Sample

V-Flat Tool

Mini Type

Mini Diamond Tool
Mini A
Mini Machine Tool
Mini C
Mini Cutting Tool
Mini B
Mini Machine Tool
Mini D

Product Type

Tool head diameter and rotary diameter can be extremely small

Chip removing is much better



Flat Lining


V-shape 110-170

Cutting Edge Figure