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We supply service for re-lapping and polishing the diamond tools to increase tool life and performance.  The tools can be re-polished about 60-70 times.
We have more than 150 trained technicians who can offer fast re-polishing service for diamonds tools. The polishing and repair job can be done in our facility or directly send our technicians to the jewelry manufacturing workshop. Diamond tools can be restored to the original condition after the re-polishing.
Periodical check is also very important for diamond tools as day to day usage can cause wear and tear to the tool. These cracks can develop into large crack if they are not repaired in time. We can work out a proposed maintenance schedule for your tools so that you can maximize the use of the tool. This can save a lot of costs for the long run of a company.

Diamond Tool Re-lapping / Polishing

Besides excelling in the field of manufacturing diamond tools, we also provide consultation service in setting up new production line for jewellery making. With about 30 years of experience in the jewellery manufacturing industry. We have rich experience for jewellery making. We have full range of diamond tools that used for jewellery cutting and texturing.
Our technicans will give you valuable suggestions on how to selection the most suitable tool and machines for your company.

Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing Consultation

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